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"Earth and Sky"

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then....I contradict myself;
I am large....I contain multitudes.
(Walt Whitman, "Leaves of Grass")

"Earth and Sky" is a series that explores the possibility that Superman and Batman had a romantic relationship in the AU world shown by Jeph Loeb in the "Absolute Power" story arc, and the effects that would have on the canon versions of the characters.

Arc One: Earth & Sky
There is an ebook of this arc made by the amazing sasha_anu, with art by d0wn_on_paper, commissioned by tmelange.  You can download it at this link.
Playing with Fire (Canon, PG)
Broken Wings (AU, PG)
A Model Airplane and a Comic Book (AU, G)
Grass, Wind, Clouds (AU, R)
January: Hero (Canon, PG)
A Locked Door and an Open Window (AU, PG-13)
February: Wish You Were Here (Canon, PG-13)
St. Elmo's Fire (AU, R)
March: Shadows and Sunlight (Canon, G)
A Bent Piece of Metal (AU, PG-13)
April: Approximations (Canon, PG-13)
An Excerpt from an Incredibly Dull History Textbook (AU, R)
May: Simple Things (Canon, PG)
The Earth Like a Jewel, Glittering, Falling... (AU, R)
June: Now or Never (Canon, NC-17)
A Handprint on Glass (AU, G)
July: A Spot of Tea and Conversation (Canon, PG)
The Crown and Scepter (AU, PG-13)
August: Need (Canon, NC-17)
My Own Eyes Looking Back at Me (AU, PG-13)
September: Manipulation (Canon, PG)
Still Life With Pearls and Corpses (AU, PG)
October: Cristo Redentor (Canon, NC-17)
Nobody (AU, PG-13)
November: The Art of War (Canon, PG)
The Sun and the Moon (AU, PG-13)
December: Earth and Sky (Canon, PG-13)

Arc Two: Nightwing & Flamebird
Chapter One:  Falling
Chapter Two:  Landing
Chapter Three:  Reconnoitering
Chapter Four:  Planning
Chapter Five:  Assisting
Chapter Six:  Recruiting
Chapter Seven:  Speaking
Chapter Eight:  Launching
Chapter Nine:  Clashing
Chapter Ten:  Confessing
Chapter Eleven:  Shattering
Chapter Twelve:  Pledging
Chapter Thirteen:  Explaining
Chapter Fourteen:  Escaping
Chapter Fifteen:  Rescuing
Chapter Sixteen:  Returning
Afterword:  The Saga of Nightwing and Flamebird [Translated and Abridged from the Kryptonian]

The stories were born from a fascination/frustration with Jeph Loeb's run in Superman/Batman, specifically the "Absolute Power" arc, in which Clark and Bruce are kidnapped at a young age by time travelers and become rulers of the world (and to the slash-sensitive, clearly bedmates). I really wanted to see more of this world, so obviously I had to do it myself.

Then I found myself wondering about the effects of that relationship on the canon versions of Batman and Superman, so I had to write that as well! So the stories tend to go back and forth between the canon and the AU.

Quirks: I tend to be rather mushy...I try to keep my canon Batman on-model but he's so fond of Clark it's difficult. I rationalize it by saying he has these alternate memories he's processing that are making him wonky. I love hurt/comfort, angst, and boatloads of UST, so if those are your likes you'll probably find something here that tickles your fancy.


Jan. 25th, 2009 01:42 pm (UTC)
*grin* Believe it or not, I feel the same way about it. :) So I can appreciate the feeling!


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