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FIC: Attachments

Pairing: Clark/Bruce
Disclaimer: The boys belong to DC and to each other, but not to me.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The JLI (with Superman along for the ride) finds itself captured on a planet with a volcano that requires a sacrificial virgin.
Word Count: 7000
Story Note: This started as a challenge from trascendenza.  Then the JLI showed up and everything became crazy crack.  And then the story took a 90 degree turn and became reams of raunchy smut when the muses refused to let me fade to black.  *scratches head in puzzlement*  So...uh...hope you enjoy the cracksmut?

"Whoa, whoa!"  Blue Beetle was thrown backwards into Booster Gold's arms as a tractor beam grabbed their space ship.  Booster righted him hastily.  Gibberish continued to spew from the ship's speakers.

"Beetle, why isn't your translator working?" snarled Batman as he struggled to keep the ship's keel even.  It lurched again and Ice was catapulted into Guy Gardner, extricating herself hurriedly when Guy leered at her.

Ted Kord staggered to the front of the ship and started banging on various readouts.  "It should be, Batman!  This planet's language must be particularly obscure..."


Gardner checked his ring.  "Nada, Bats.  The force field must be yellow, it's blocking my access to the translating banks on Oa."

Superman was hovering a couple of inches off the floor, so the continuing juddering motions failed to shake his composure as he crossed his arms and looked annoyed.  "It never goes well when I come along to assist you guys.  Never."

"Thank you for the observation, Kal.  Now would you--"  Batman's suggestion was cut off as the voice finally began to speak English--more or less.

"With all due respect, sllzt ar ar that this ship has a krllt aboard.  We repeat, our scans reveal that this ship has a krllt aboard.  We're terribly sorry, but we require your krllt to mend the iirrj."

"You're going to have to do better than that, Beetle," Batman said as he opened the channel.  Sweating, Ted continued to work feverishly on the console as Batman spoke.  "This is the Justice League of Terra.  We are not hostile.  We are here to refuel on our way home, nothing more."

"Again, our apologies, but we need your krllt for the iirrj.  You have only one on board.  Very valuable."  the alien voice sounded rather desperate. 

"Beetle," hissed Batman, then turned back to the mike.  "Could you explain what exactly a--a krllt and an iirrj are?"

Sounds of a hurried consultation.  Blue Beetle finished adjusting the console, flashed Batman a thumbs-up sign, and went back to sit next to Booster Gold.  The alien began speaking again.  "A krllt is a--an adult who has never engaged in sexual activity with another sentient being."

"You mean a virgin?"  blurted Booster Gold.

"Yes, yes, virgin.  Our krlltometer indicates you have one on board."

Booster's mouth was agape.  "You have a...virginometer?"

"Yes, yes, very rare resource.  And we desperately need a virgin to put in our iirrj--"  the translator hiccuped a little and repeated, "--our volcano.  We're so very sorry, but if we don't, the consequences are very dire."

Batman's gloved fingers drummed on the console with barely-concealed irritation.  "You have a way of determining whether a person is a virgin?"

"Yes, yes!  Let us recalibrate for a more detailed scan to determine which one of you it is.  Only one on board.  So valuable!"  As the voice finished, a wall of blue light began to slowly sweep up from the back of the ship, engulfing each member of the Justice League in turn.

"Red-haired human male is not a virgin."

"Damn straight," Gardner blustered, puffing out his chest. 

"White-haired human female is not a virgin."

"Also damn straight," Green Lantern said, as Ice looked appalled.

"Green-haired human female is not a virgin."

Guy Gardner intercepted a glare from Fire and wisely kept his mouth shut this time.

"Blond human male is not a virgin."  Various occupants of the ship rolled their eyes as the force field crept further up.

"Brown-haired human male is not a virgin."

"Huh?"  Gardner looked astonished.  "I definitely woulda thought it was you, man."  Ted Kord blushed deep red and didn't look at Booster Gold.

The force field inched toward Superman, who held up his hand abruptly.  "Wait.  All right, I admit it."  He looked uncomfortable, but continued, "I'm a--a krllt."

"You're a virgin, sir?" The polite alien's voice said in great excitement.  The force field halted inches short of the Kryptonian.

"I'm a--yes."  Superman exhaled irritably.  "It sounded better as krllt," he added in a rather sullen mutter.

"And--my dear sir, are you truly willing to sacrifice yourself to our volcano to save our people?"

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few," Superman said somewhat pompously, but he threw a mischievous wink to the other occupants of the ship.

"Most honorable sir, we will be forever in the debt of you and your people for this act of heroism!"  The alien voice sounded deeply moved.  "Please, please land.  The sacrifice is tomorrow.  We shall give you tonight to make peace with whatever gods you revere."

Batman closed communications and looked levelly at Superman, who shrugged.  "They throw me in the volcano, I swim to the bottom and tunnel out, their superstitions are appeased and I'll meet up with you on the far side of their moon.  No problem."

"I just...never would have thought it," Booster Gold said, sounding shocked.  "Big Blue?  I mean, anyone would be happy to--" he broke off, looking flustered.

Superman looked annoyed again.  "Maybe I'm just waiting for the right person, all right?  Could we not make too big a deal of this?"  He shot a particularly venomous glare at Green Lantern, snickering in the back of the ship.  "You people.  You're the only team in the universe that could possibly run into a superstitious culture with a volcano and a virginometer.  These things never happen to sane superhero teams."

Guy Gardner continued to chortle.  "Hey, Superman, we might be a bunch of losers, but who's the only virgin on this ship, huh?  Who's the loser now, baby?"

Superman looked deeply aggrieved.  "The sacrifices I make.  And I'm not talking about being thrown in a volcano here."

They made the rest of the landing in a frosty silence broken only by occasional sniggers from different members of the League.  After they landed, an extremely polite regiment of alien guards ushered Kal-El away to a secure room, "To prepare yourself, honored sir."

The League were escorted to a different room, where they met Mrrsd, the alien they had been talking to previously.  Mrrsd spent some time lauding the noble self-sacrifice of their mighty companion, and Guy Gardner rolled his eyes a lot.  "Perhaps you would like to see the volcano in person, so that you will understand the horror your companion is saving us from?"  Mrrsd suggested.

"We'd like that," Batman said quickly, and the rest of the League tagged along as the froggy alien led them through a lovely city.  Eventually they came to an overlook of white marble.  Mrrsd gestured.  "Behold the volcano!"

There was a long silence.  Then Batman said very politely, "Volcano?"  Ted Kord, very pale, was fiddling with the small translator box.

Between two huge black marble pillars in front of them, a rift sprawled and crackled, spewing distorted energy like black light.  "Indeed, the Great Volcano, a gateway to a magical dimension wherein all are crushed by supernatural forces beyond the ken of mortals," Mrrsd said sadly.  "Without feeding on the sexual energy of a virgin once a year, the Volcano will expand and consume our world."  It looked at the League's faces.  "Is that not the definition of 'volcano' on your world?"

"I suppose it was an understandable translating mistake," Ice said helpfully; Batman glared at her and turned back to the alien.

"So, Mrrsd, how exactly will this ritual go tomorrow?"

"Your courageous friend will be taken from his Room of Deep Contemplation and given a last symbolic scan with the virginometer.   Then he will be wreathed in the ceremonial Viridian Chains of of Humility and ushered to the Volcano."

"Chains?"  said Booster Gold.

"Oh, I assure you, the Viridian Chains of Humility are merely there as a symbol of the virgin's great spiritual restraint.  Crafted from starmetal that fell from the sky thirty years ago, they cause no discomfort whatsoever."

"Um, what's 'viridian' mean?" asked Booster.

"Green," said Blue Beetle.  "Green meteorite metal."

Batman covered his face with a hand.

: : :

Batman stood up and the babbling chaos in the room eventually died away.

"All right, let's assess this situation.  First, we need a team to analyze the 'volcano'--"  He shot a look at Blue Beetle, who blanched, "--and figure out if the threat it poses is real or not.  That team needs to start thinking of ways to fix this rift.  In case the rift isn't easily fixable, we need to--"  He stopped and cleared his throat, "We need to make sure Superman is no longer a...a viable subject for sacrifice."

"But what if a virgin is actually needed to seal the rift?" asked Fire.  "Stranger things have happened when magic is involved."

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."  Batman drummed his fingers on the table, looking down thoughtfully.  "We'll need to send in a person with good infiltration skills, capable of getting past guards unnoticed--we don't want to cause a scene, just 'invalidate' Superman--someone subtle, canny, and sneaky."  He looked up to see the rest of the team--the flame and ice blasters, the ring jockey, the tinkerer, Booster Gold--staring at him. 

"Oh, no," Batman said.  "No, no, no, no, no."

Guy Gardner clapped Batman on the back, his face solemn.  "Bats, we're all counting on you to get in there and deflower Superman."

: : :

Kal-El was sitting in the Room of Deep Contemplation.  It was a very nice room, actually:  softly lit, with a fluffy divan-like thing for reclining on and a plush dark blue carpet.  There was even a bowl of some interesting alien fruit.  Kal peeled one and nibbled at the scarlet seeds clustered inside.

He raised an eyebrow when a ventilation shaft slid aside and Batman dropped noiselessly into the room.  "There's been a complication," said Batman.  "The 'volcano' is actually a magical rift.  And they're going to clap you in Kryptonite chains first."

"That does make things a bit more difficult," Superman agreed.  "But I'm willing to take my chances."

Batman looked uncomfortable.  "One additional hurdle.  They're going to insist on giving you a last full scan before throwing you in."  Kal-El looked both alarmed and annoyed as Batman continued, "And when they do that..."

"...They'll figure out that I'm not the virgin in the group after all."

A pause while Superman rubbed his chin thoughtfully and Batman looked surprisingly awkward.  After a moment, Bruce spoke again.  "I appreciate your stepping up like that--"

Superman waved a hand dismissively.  "My chances of surviving any kind of 'volcano' are better than yours.  It was worth a shot.  It didn't cost me anything."  His expression darkened a little.  "Except the next decade of ribbing by Green Lantern..."

"The rest of the League are looking for a way to fix the rift.  In the meantime, I've been sent here to...to make sure there aren't any virgins around by morning."

Superman laughed suddenly.  "You managed to convince them they were forcing you to come in here and have sex with me, when you knew full well it was you who was in danger?"  Superman shook his head admiringly.  "You are one manipulative bastard, Bruce."

"Flattery will get you nowhere," Batman said blandly.  He reached up to unfasten his cape.  "Well, let's get this over with."

"Wait," Superman said, and Batman paused.  "You're--you really are?  Truly?"  He didn't sound smug or mocking, just rather puzzled.  Bruce nodded slightly.  "The playboy prince of Gotham?  How in the world did you get away with that?"

Bruce let the midnight-blue silk of the cape slip through his fingers and to the floor, and came over to sit next to Superman on the divan, keeping a respectful distance between them.  "When someone has the reputation as a Casanova that Bruce Wayne does, no one is going to admit to being the one person he apparently did not find attractive enough to sleep with.  The mystique builds on itself."

Superman gestured vaguely.  "Why in the world...when you could..."  His voice trailed off.

"Sex is an impediment, Clark.  The human psyche is set up so that sex nearly always leads to emotional attachments of some sort.  Emotional attachments are...risky.  I believe my relations with Dick and with--"  His voice stumbled like fingernails over a raw wound, "--with Jason have proven that even non-sexual attachments are...not my strong suit." 

Clark waited until the pain ebbed out of the air between them a little.  "So you deal with the urge by just--"

"I'm very good at it, in fact."  A tiny hint of smile.  "The World's Greatest Masturbator."

Clark snorted surprised laughter.  "It's not exactly the same, Bruce."

The sliver of smile vanished.  "That's the point, Clark."  He slipped his gloves off, then pulled his costume over his head, tugging viciously when it caught on the pointed ears.  "Can we please just get this over with?"

Superman blinked at him.  "The cowl, Bruce."  When Batman didn't budge, he crossed his arms and glared.  "We are not doing this with the cowl on.  That's just wrong."

Batman sighed and yanked the cowl off, revealing rumpled dark hair and cold blue eyes in a very pale face.  "Happy?"

"Not particularly, no."  Clark leaned in toward Bruce's mouth, then paused as the other man stiffened.  "What?"

"There's no need for that, is there?"

Clark took a long, careful breath, not pulling back but not moving forward.  "Bruce.  I refuse to be responsible for your first time being cold and brutal and painful.  Even if that might be how you want it to be," he added, and saw a muscle at the corner of Bruce's eye twitch very slightly.  "No one deserves that, Bruce.  No one."  He moved forward again very slowly, pausing for a moment close enough to feel the other man's breath on his lips, then closed the tiny gap, eyes sliding shut involuntarily as he felt Bruce's mouth under his.

Bruce's mouth was still and cold, but softer than he had ever imagined it might be.

Oh, how he had imagined it.

Clark held himself motionless as long as he could, but all his careful and polite abstractness seemed to be crumbling in the face of the overwhelming fact that he was kissing Bruce Wayne.  He shifted a little, brought the tip of his tongue to brush the mouth pressed against his--and Bruce flinched as though Clark had jabbed him with a taser.  "I can't--" he said abruptly, his mouth still on Clark's.  Clark pulled back and Bruce said, "I don't--I'm not sure I can do this, Clark.  I can do the sex, but...not this."

"You can let me fuck you, but you're not capable of enjoying it?"  Clark felt anger and pain boil together inside him.  "I'm just that repulsive?"

Bruce closed his eyes and shook his head very slightly.  "It might...be easier if you were," he said with just the barest thread of laughter under his voice.  He opened his eyes and looked at Clark, and in that candid, cool gaze Clark saw something that made him inhale sharply.  He let his breath out again, carefully.

"We could go try to get Guy in here for you, if that would help," Clark said, keeping his voice casually light, and Bruce barked a laugh and relaxed just a fraction.

"No.  No, that wouldn't help.  Clark."  He stopped and just looked at the Kryptonian for a moment.  "Try again."

Clark leaned forward again and kissed him, just the slightest pressure of lips on lips, making no demands, just resting there, waiting.  This time it was Bruce's lips that parted, Bruce's tongue that flicked out to tease open Clark's mouth just a bit.  Clark's efforts to remain cool and indifferent collapsed into a shuddering moan that he tried to restrain and failed utterly.  Now it was Bruce's turn to pull back.  "You want this," he said, his voice halfway between a question and a statement.

Clark realized he was shivering.  "I'm sorry."

Bruce reached down and took Clark's hand in his, put it on his bare shoulder.  Clark felt the warm skin under his hand and moved it without thinking, sliding it across the taut muscles to caress Bruce's neck.  "Don't be," said Bruce, his eyes half-lidded.  "Don't be."  Clark left his thumb brush down along Bruce's collarbone and Bruce took a ragged breath.  "It's just--" He stopped and bit his lip.  "I don't like wanting things."  His voice cracked slightly on the verb, aching, and he shuddered.  "Wanting," he repeated, his voice almost dreamy. 

Clark slid his hand gently down the center of Bruce's chest, then over to his still-clothed hip, resting there, waiting.  Bruce shook his head slightly as if to clear it;  when he spoke again the iron control was back in his voice.  "Repression is a useful tool, Clark.  Asking me to abandon years of restraint for what could be done quickly and clinically--you have no idea what you're asking of me."

Clark leaned forward and put his mouth to the hollow of the other man's collarbone. "Maybe I don't," he whispered against it.  He slid his hands up Bruce's sides, around to his back, pulling him closer against his mouth.  Beneath his lips he could feel Bruce begin to tremble again, pulse pounding.  "But I can't do this unless you can enjoy it.  I can't."

Bruce's voice was very dry;  Clark could feel it buzzing under his lips, the heartbeat thundering beneath it.  "Sexual activity leads to pleasure, which leads to attachments."  Clark moved his hands back around to Bruce's sides, scars and ribs hard under his hands.  "To wanting."  He moved the hands upward gently, stopping just short of the nipples, and felt the other man lean into him almost reflexively.  "Which leads to needing."  Clark trailed soft kisses downward toward where his hand had paused, hovering.  Bruce kept talking, his voice starting to fray at the edges, "I can't afford to need anyone, Clark.  Especially not you.  I can't start to want you, want your--your hands and mouth on me like this, can't--"

"But you do," Clark said very softly, bringing his hand and mouth together on a dark circle, caressing and brushing, and Bruce's hands clenched wildly against the divan.

"Clark," he choked, affirmation and invitation entangled, and he went backwards onto the couch like he was falling off a building, all coiled energy and surrender to gravity together.  Clark kept licking and kissing, his hands shifting downward to unbuckle the belt and ease off the other man's pants.  Bruce had gotten his hands into the red cape and pulled it around to spill across his chest, pulling it toward him like he could force Clark closer to him with it.  Once he had Bruce naked, Clark ran his hands around Bruce's hips, brushing the thumbs closer and closer to his erection until Bruce bucked against him and almost laughed.  "Clark, why the hell am I completely naked and you're fully dressed?  That hardly seems fair."  The touch of humor was suddenly stripped away into raw yearning as he continued,  "I want to see you."

Clark stood up;  as he did, his cape cascaded slowly across Bruce's cock, causing him to make a frantic noise and clutch it briefly to him with one hand, eyes tightly closed.  "Ah, God," he said, his voice thick, "Imagined that so many times...how that would feel..."

Clark found himself suddenly almost unable to breathe at the idea of Bruce alone late at night, his hands stroking, his mind rapt with images of red cloth twining sinuously around him.  Bruce moaned again and thrust against the scarlet cloth, opening eyes heavy with desire to watch Superman unclasp the cape and slip out of his costume.  The abandoned cape pooled across him and around him, concealing and revealing scarred flesh and corded muscle, blue eyes burning above it.  Clark felt dizzy with lust, his head swimming.  He tried to collect himself.  However sultry Bruce might look right now--and yes, that was very sultry indeed--he wasn't terribly experienced.  Clark couldn't just rush in and ravish him.  Just thinking that, however, made the blood surge through his body again and he leaned forward a bit giddily, hands coming to rest on cloth that slipped away into skin, and then he couldn't seem to stop himself from touching Bruce everywhere, all of him gem-hard and precious:  knees, shins, feet, back up over hips, glorious cock, belly, sides, Bruce's voice a purring groan under his hands. 

"Did you bring something?" he finally managed to ask hoarsely, and watched Bruce's eyes clear slightly.

"Of course I did."  The touch of condescension was almost a welcome relief after the unfathomable sound of Bruce groaning his name as if he wanted nothing else in the world.  "I'm not a total idiot about this, just a virgin.  I've read about it a lot, I know what to expect."  Bruce located his utility belt and pulled out a small bottle.  He handed it to Clark, sudden uncertainty flickering in slate-blue eyes.  "Um, who...I mean--"

Clark groped for some euphemism that didn't sound ridiculous, failed, and decided to be blunt.  "I think probably you should fuck me."  It was surprisingly gratifying to hear Bruce's hissing breath, see his eyes narrow in lust at Clark's words.  "Since you don't have to worry about hurting me.  You can set the pace and focus on your own responses instead of mine."

"I..." Bruce paused.  "I want you to enjoy yourself, Clark."  He managed to make it sound like a shameful confession.

Clark couldn't help chuckling, a husky laugh that he didn't bother to keep the passion out of.  "Bruce, believe me, I'm going to enjoy this."  He uncapped the little tube of lubricant and scooped up some with his fingers, warming it quickly with a fleeting touch of heat vision.  Then he reached out and gently stroked the lube across Bruce's cock, turning it slippery and shining as Bruce made a choking sound, his eyes falling shut, hips thrusting almost involuntarily against the warm hand.

"We'll keep it simple," Clark said, rolling over onto his stomach and putting a pillow under his hips.  "This is a good position for a first time.  Easy access," he added, smiling slightly.  He didn't add that this position kept them from seeing each others' faces--another thing that would make this easier for Bruce.

He had expected that Bruce would move quickly to penetrate him, whether from eagerness or just a desire to get it over with quickly he didn't know.  So he was surprised when cool hands ran down from his shoulderblades to his ass, feather-light and gentle, caressing.  They lingered for some time on his ass, kneading and exploring almost tentatively, teasingly, until Clark was struggling to hold on to the shreds of his composure.  If Bruce wanted to take his time, he didn't need Clark to start begging him for it, begging to be filled and fucked and impaled and...Clark realized he was making an astonishing variety of noises, but he managed to keep from turning any of them into demands.  Dealing with a toppy bottom probably would not be useful to Bruce right now.

But dear sweet God, what those hands were doing to him.

Bruce moved against him and Clark could feel the hard, slippery length of the other man resting against him, hot and straining, and he managed not to buck backwards, managed to wait, shivering.  Bruce's hands were on his shoulders, and he said, "You're not a virgin, Clark, but is this your first time doing...this?"

Had to stay still, let Bruce do the moving, couldn't move...Clark tried to tamp down the fire consuming his mind and body, forced himself to answer reassuringly, "No, no, I know what to expect."

"You've had other male lovers?"  Bruce's voice was almost conversationally curious, belying the urgent heat of his cock against Clark's body, the hands that slid into Clark's hair and clenched there.

"I--yes, in high school and--some after--" Clark knew he was stammering, but he was having such a hard time holding still he couldn't help it.

"Anyone we know?  Anyone in the community?"

"No, none since--" He stopped himself suddenly before he could go on:  Not since I first laid eyes on you and realized what I was missing.  What I could never, ever have. Bruce's hands were tight in his hair, and Clark finally figured out what must be worrying Bruce.  "I'm immune to human diseases, Bruce.  I promise I'm clean."

"That's not--"  Bruce stopped, removed his hands from Clark's hair, ran them gently down Clark's sides again.  "It's not that.  It's--nothing," he said quietly.  "Don't worry about it."  He took a deep breath.  "All right," he said softly, almost to himself.  "All right."  Then he pushed against Clark, firm and hot and slippery.  He halted as his cock hit the ring of muscle, still tight and hard despite Clark's attempts to relax.  Clark could hear him panting slightly.

"Just a little more, Bruce," Clark said reassuringly, trying to keep his voice level.

"Are you--" Bruce swallowed hard.  "Are you sure this is okay with you, Clark?"

Clark's hands clenched with frustration.  "It's not okay at all," he gasped, feeling his tongue begin to run away from him, "I want it so much, you inside me, fucking me hard--" At the sound of his ragged voice, Bruce started to push harder against and into him, harder with each phrase, and the sensations jarred Clark loose from his sanity more each time.  "Like that, yes, oh God, yes, that's so good, that's what I need, fuck me, please--" The words blurred and became nonsense but it didn't seem to matter;  they set the rhythm, the beat to which Bruce moved inside him.  Bruce remained silent even as the tempo sped up, as his motions lost their usual grace and became awkward, then spasmodic, until finally he groaned once, wildly and wordlessly, hip bones grinding against Clark's ass. 

Clark wasn't anywhere near climax himself, but hearing the guttural, broken noises Bruce made as he came was more satisfying than most orgasms he had experienced in his life.  He rolled over onto his side and Bruce slid down almost bonelessly behind him, curving around and cupping Clark's body with his own.  They lay there quietly, Clark feeling the puffs of Bruce's breath stirring the hairs on the back of his neck and feeling foolishly happy, somehow.

Bruce lay still so long that Clark almost started to worry he had fallen asleep;  after all, he needed to get out of the room before the guards came in the morning.  Then Bruce said, very low, "Are we sure that counted?"

Clark rolled over to look at the other man.  "Hm?"

Bruce's eyes were mostly closed.  "We don't know how they measure virginity, Clark.  What if that didn't count?  Maybe a man needs to be..." He paused and wet his lips slightly, a tiny touch of pink that set Clark's pulse hammering again, "...to be penetrated for it to count."

"Um."  Clark tried to gather his wits, but it was difficult with Bruce's eyes running down his body like that.  "That would mean that all the other men on the team...and, uh, I don't know about Booster and Beetle, but I find it hard to believe that Guy..."  He trailed off at Bruce's low chuckle.

"I see Mr. Boy Scout has never used his x-ray vision on Fire's personal locker."  Clark made a small choking noise as Bruce continued, "Mr. Gardner may well be straight, but that doesn't mean he hasn't enjoyed...certain activities."

Clark tried very, very hard not to imagine the kind of scene Bruce was hinting at.  "You've scarred me for life, Bruce," he whined.

Bruce laughed again, low and husky, and leaned forward to nuzzle Clark's ear.  "Maybe you need a distraction," he whispered, his hands sliding downward.  "Mmm," he purred into Clark's hair, "I do hope what I'm feeling wasn't caused by imagining Fire and Green Lantern--"

Clark couldn't help laughing.  "You said you wanted to distract me, not remind me, you!"  He seized Bruce playfully and kissed him, tasting the other man's lopsided smile.  Bruce broke the kiss eventually and rolled onto his stomach, casting a look over his shoulder that hovered somewhere between challenging and inviting.  Feeling rather dazed, Clark began to caress the other man's sides and flanks, and eventually worked his way to the ass he had admired for so long.  Any worries that Bruce was doing this out of obligation were eased by the way Bruce moved against his hands, coaxing them toward the sensitive spot that Clark stroked lightly, gently, almost dreamily. 

"That's...that feels good," Bruce said, sounding almost surprised.  His voice turned dark and velvety with lust as Clark continued to tease and soothe. "So good.  Clark."  Clark paused to put lube on his fingers and Bruce made a small growling noise of irritation until Clark went back to caressing.  Clark slipped one finger inward very gently and Bruce went still for a moment.

"Is that all right?"

"Yes."  Bruce's voice was distant and abstracted.  "Very."  Clark added another slippery finger and Bruce jerked slightly.  "Oh.  That's."  He stopped there as if it were a complete thought, his head flung back, breathing deeply.  Clark shifted his fingers delicately, searching until he brushed the spot that made Bruce gasp abruptly, his back arching, the gasp rattling downward into lust.  "Jesus," Bruce said throatily.  "That's.  Just with fingers..."

"It's even better with other things," Clark said, easing his fingers out very slowly as Bruce made small breathy sounds.  He moved forward and kissed Bruce's shoulderblade, the nape of his neck.  "Let me show you."

"Wait."  Bruce sounded hesitant, and Clark froze.  "Can we..."  There was a long pause.  "Isn't it possible to--for me to see--"  Bruce twisted on the divan under him until they were face to face.  "Can I--look at you?" 

Clark stared at him. 

"I want to see your face," Bruce said softly.  "While you're doing this."

"It's, uh, it's a little more awkward," Clark said, his throat gone very dry suddenly.  "A little more work for you."

"I'm not averse to a little work," Bruce said, his lips quirking.  The playfulness faded from his eyes as he looked steadily at Clark.  "I want to see your face," he repeated gently, and rolled over onto his back fully, his long legs tangling with Clark's.

"Tell me if I'm going too fast," Clark said a little nervously, and Bruce nodded.  Clark leaned in slowly, hands on Bruce's hips, pushing.  There was a shifting sensation and Bruce winced slightly and bit his lip, eyes closed;  Clark stopped and waited until the other man's face was calm again.  He was glad he could watch Bruce's expression and match his pace to the flickering arousal he saw there, keeping it slow and relaxed. 

Bruce's eyes drifted open, oddly unfocused, turned inward.  "Feels good," he murmured as Clark finally finished pushing inward, tight against Bruce's body.  "Can you--where was that place you touched--?"

Clark shifted again, feeling supple heat all around him, the deliberate pace a slow-burning fuse moving toward something vast and overwhelming...he tried to put that out of his mind.  He finally nudged the right spot again and Bruce said "Ah," delight and new lust bright in his voice.  His gaze sharpened on Clark's face.  "Faster," he said.  "You can go faster."

Clark accelerated the pace very slightly and felt Bruce's cock respond, brushing between them.  "Yes," Bruce said, and the single word, tense and hot, almost sent Clark careening over the edge into climax.  He bit his lip and tried to keep his breathing steady, struggling for control.  Bruce's eyes were dark with arousal, the look in them something that Clark would have called "tender" if it weren't Bruce Wayne.  His hand drifted downward, his gaze still fixed on Clark's face, stroking his own erection slowly, luxuriously.  As Clark moved deeper into the fire threatening to immolate him entirely, Bruce's tempo picked up gradually.  He hardly seemed to notice it, his eyes locked on Clark's face, lips parted slightly.  As Clark struck the right spot once more Bruce made a sudden sound of infinite surprise and came again, pupils dilated to near-total darkness.  Clark leaned in to kiss those parted lips, feeling the slickness between their bodies. 

Bruce responded to the kiss eagerly but pulled away when he heard Clark's breath catching, staggering, moving toward the brink.  "I want to see you," he said again.  "I want to see you when you come inside me.  I want to see--what I do to you."

Clark was beyond words by then, groaning and struggling not to thrust as hard as possible.  Bruce's hands slid downward to grasp his hips and pull him closer, and the motion, the closeness, Bruce's greedy eyes on him, the impossible rightness of it all, finally pushed Clark over.  Fire and light raged through his body and he felt his head fall back, heard himself making noises, heard Bruce saying something, far away and so close: 


Clark slowly came to himself, sticky and weary and entangled in Bruce's limbs and his own cape.  Bruce was looking at him, his face unreadable.  "I suppose you'd better be going," Clark made himself say.

"I suppose I'd better," Bruce agreed. 

He stood up rather slowly and cautiously.  When he winced very slightly once, putting on the costume, Clark said, "I'm sorry."  Bruce shot him an opaque look but said nothing.  The aliens had thoughtfully supplied napkins with the fruit;  once they were in the small incinerator no evidence remained of the evening's activities.

The cowl firmly back in place, Batman slipped into the ventilation shaft.  "Wait," Clark said before the other man could disappear, and the vigilante paused.  "I know you don't want...attachments.  And there's no reason any of this has to lead to that.  I swear I won't...presume anything, won't force an intimacy on you that you don't want."  He stopped and took a breath;  Batman was motionless, looking at him.  "But I don't think attachments make us weaker.  I think they can make us stronger.  I would not mind if you were willing to risk an...attachment with me."

"You won't presume." 

"Nothing that happened here leaves this room unless you want it to."

"You can do that."  Almost a question;  not quite.  "Just...forget it happened."

"Never," Clark breathed, ashamed of the way his voice shook suddenly.  He schooled it to the level resonance of the Man of Steel.  "But I can keep it from being anything other than this, here.  This one time.  If you want."

"I'll...take that under consideration," Batman said, and disappeared.

Superman was alone in the room again. 

He ate some more of the fruit, sitting on the floor.  Not on the divan.  The fruit left his fingers sticky, but all the napkins were gone.

After some time, the door swung open.  Mrrsd entered the room, waving his hands excitedly and carrying Beetle's translator.  "Honored hero, excellent news!  It appears your noble sacrifice will not be needed!"

The alien led him out of the Room of Deep Contemplation to the Volcano, chattering volubly.  "The one called Blue Beetle and the one called Green Lantern determined that the Volcano is linked to a--" It broke off, confused.  "--well, suffice to say they ascertained the magical roots of the Volcano and unearthed a solution!"

"They did?"  Clark was distinctly surprised.

"The ore from a nearby moon, when deposited in large enough quantities into the Volcano, should produce enough of the right kind of energy to disrupt it and extinguish it."

As they drew nearer to the Volcano, Superman could see the League gathered nearby.  Guy Gardner was nowhere to be seen.  As Superman and Mrrsd watched, however, the Green Lantern descended from the sky, his green force field clutching a huge cylinder of glittering purple rock.  With a flourish, he pitched the massive shaft of ore into the Volcano, which closed up around it almost gently, leaving cheering aliens in its wake. 

"Yeah baby!" crowed Gardner as he landed near the rest of the League.  "Did you see that move?  Plugged that hole up just as tight as--"  He fell silent at the look Batman gave him, perhaps remembering the contents of a certain locker.

There was an awkward pause as Superman joined them.  "Dear hero," Mrrsd said with emotion, grasping Superman's hand with a sucker-covered appendage, "We appreciate your willingness to sacrifice yourself for us.  Please depart for your home with a fully-refueled ship and our deepest gratitude, oh brave and splendid virgin." 

Guy Gardner opened his mouth again and Ice elbowed him sharply in the ribs as Mrrsd ambled off. 

Superman crossed his arms and looked as alpha-male as possible.  "None of you.  Will ever.  Speak of this.  Again.  Am I clear?"

Everyone but Batman, who whirled to stalk toward the ship, agreed that Superman had made himself quite clear. 

 : : :

The flight back took place in relative silence.  Of course, "relative silence" for this particular team meant a constant flow of chatter between Booster and Beetle, and a resolutely mundane conversation between Fire, Ice, and Green Lantern.

Superman sat next to Batman and watched him pilot the ship.  Clark sat next to Bruce, and they said nothing at all.

After they returned to Earth, Clark was in his quarters when the door slid open to reveal Batman.  "I didn't agree," he said abruptly.

"I'm sorry?"

"I didn't agree with the others.  To never speak of it again."

Clark smiled.  "I kind of took that for granted."

Bruce frowned.  "I'll speak of whatever the hell I want to.  You can't just go around telling me to shut up."

"What--I--I didn't tell you to shut up about it." 

"You said 'none of you.'"  Batman stepped into the room, the door sliding shut behind him.  "You've got a lot of nerve, Clark, treating me like I can just be lumped in with the rest of them.  That's just like you, making high-handed, arrogant decisions from on high that you think we mere mortals have to live by.  Well, maybe I don't want to, has that occurred to you?"

Clark's mouth was hanging open somewhat.  He closed it again and tried to marshal his thoughts.  Bruce continued, his voice fierce, "You can't just bully me into being quiet.  If I want to talk about it, I can talk about it."  He took a breath.  "If I want to talk about the fact that we just spent most of the night having sex with each other, that's my decision, not yours to make.  If I want to talk about the fact that it was very good, you don't have the right to tell me to keep my mouth shut."  He reached out and stabbed a finger at Clark's chest;  Clark fell back a step.  "And if I feel like announcing I'm willing to repeat the experience, all the Kryptonian bluster in the world isn't going to keep me silent about it.  So don't think you can intimidate me, Clark.  I'm not some underling you can boss around." 

Bruce stopped talking, crossed his arms, and glared at Clark.  For his part, Clark felt entirely at a loss.  The form of this argument was almost drearily familiar, but the content..."What about...attachments?" he said rather weakly.

Bruce jabbed an angry finger at Clark's chest again.  "That's my decision to make.  Not yours."  Then he spread his fingers out and rested them gently, delicately, splayed across the gold emblem.  "If I feel like deciding your opinions about attachment may have some merit, that's none of your business."

Clark couldn't help laughing a little at that, and Bruce removed his hand, the corner of his mouth lifting very slightly.  "Clark.  If you come to the Manor sometime, I will prove to you that you have no power to keep me from talking about sex with you whenever I want, at whatever length I want, and with as much intensity as I want." 

Clark's knees felt a little weak.  "So, are you free--" he groped for a day far enough in the future to not immediately reveal how desperate he was, "--Sunday in the afternoon?"

Batman turned, the edge of his cape brushing Superman's body, and went to the door.  He paused, looking back over his shoulder.

"Saturday's probably better."


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Feb. 23rd, 2007 01:42 pm (UTC)
You've killed me. I'm dead. See? This is me dying of laughing and hot and OMG, I love Bruce and Clark and...

::dies again:: I can't even be coherent enough to tell you what I loved. This was just hilarious and sexy and, oh yeah, you've also scarred me for life with visions of Guy and the contents of that locker. ::shudders::

And I'm going to my water aerobics class now and the whole time I'm going to be snickering over this. It's all your fault!
Feb. 23rd, 2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
This was my first attempt at writing the JLI! The challenge was to write a story with Bruce as a virgin, since he nearly always is the more experienced one...and he basically insisted that he wasn't doing it unless I found some completely unreasonable, crack-filled scenario to distract everyone. Fortunately, the JLI was up to the challenge!

oh yeah, you've also scarred me for life with visions of Guy and the contents of that locker. ::shudders::

Ice is almost certainly involved there in some way as well. *grin*

*salutes* It's my pleasure to have scarred you for life! Share the emotional scars, I always say...
Feb. 23rd, 2007 02:44 pm (UTC)
*dies* Funny, sexy, and -even the bits with Clark and Bruce-, very, very JLI. Which is totally a grammatical expression.

Feb. 23rd, 2007 03:19 pm (UTC)
very, very JLI. Which is totally a grammatical expression.

It totally is, I agree! It basically means "everything current DC canon is not."

This was my first time tackling the JLI and I discovered I liked writing them very much...it's like keeping them alive and sane (well, as sane as they ever were) again for a little while. *pets the JLI*

Glad you liked!
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 23rd, 2007 03:56 pm (UTC)
How in Hades do you combine the humor and the disgruntled Bat and the HOT and the OMG?!

I, uh. Kind of by randomly pinballing from tone to tone and praying for the best. This story really ran off in a bunch of different directions at once (I mean, humor and NC-17 smut are not usually two things that feel comfortable together when I'm writing). I totally meant to fade to black and they were like, "No way! Let's get every bit of that smut down on paper!" Which is such rare behavior for my usually camera-shy muses I had to run with it. *grin*

*wipes brow* Glad it worked for you, I really wasn't sure...
Feb. 23rd, 2007 04:03 pm (UTC)
Very nicely done, Jen! I liked the twist of Batman being the virgin. Funny how the Boy Scout usually comes to mind first. :) Nice *hot* scenes of deflowering, too, BTW. ;)
Feb. 23rd, 2007 11:51 pm (UTC)
Very nicely done, Jen! I liked the twist of Batman being the virgin.

Were you there for the last chat? We were talking about how it would be just as plausible for the repressed, Mission-obsessed Batman to be the virgin, but almost no one wrote them that way, so trascendenza and I decided to try. It was fun, but boy, it doesn't come easy! *grin* My Bruce is fairly determined that he was careful to get training in all aspects of human relations, you know? *wink*

Glad you liked it!
(no subject) - bradygirl_12 - Feb. 24th, 2007 12:56 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - jij - Feb. 24th, 2007 02:21 am (UTC) - Expand
Feb. 23rd, 2007 04:12 pm (UTC)
Gods, this was great. I loved everything: the situation, the fact that Bruce was the virgin, the cape (guh, the cape!), the attachment. ::sighs:: You've written a fun little romp here, and I'm quite happy you did. ^____^
Feb. 23rd, 2007 11:52 pm (UTC)
I'll admit the sex scene didn't really "click" for me until that cape moment. *grin* So I'm pleased you picked it out! Thanks!
Feb. 23rd, 2007 04:56 pm (UTC)
I was sure from the moment they started the scanning that it had to be Bruce and I wasn't deterred by Clark volunteering - if anyone in that group is virgin, it had to be Batman!

That said - JLI! *squees*
Feb. 23rd, 2007 11:55 pm (UTC)
I was sure from the moment they started the scanning that it had to be Bruce and I wasn't deterred by Clark volunteering - if anyone in that group is virgin, it had to be Batman!

Mwahaha! Really? That's interesting...I just kind of automatically see Clark as the less experienced one and assume that Bruce was careful to become good at all forms of lovemaking in his training (for the Mission, y'know!)! But with Clark such a warm and open guy and the Bat so tightly wound, it makes sense as well...it just never seems to quite work for me.

The JLI were buckets of fun. They make me want to write Boostle. *grin*
Feb. 23rd, 2007 05:37 pm (UTC)
Here via marag. That was totally hot! And funny! Bruce was perfect, and I loved the dialogue between Bruce and Clark. The thing with the cape was very sexy.

And I want to know what's in the locker! ;->
Feb. 24th, 2007 12:12 am (UTC)
*waves* Glad you liked it! The cape moment was the moment everything kind of came together, so I'm delighted you picked it out. :)

And I want to know what's in the locker! ;->

No, no you don't. *shudders elaborately*
Feb. 23rd, 2007 06:34 pm (UTC)
GUH! I mean seriously. GUH!
Did you say you don't often write smut?
Are you INSANE??????!!!!!
That was Awesome! Amazing! I am totally *flustered* and *bothered* and *twitching* now!!!
and it wasn't even a crack fic!! I was too busy enjoying the smut to even *NOTICE* the crack in the fic! tho I did wake the house up by laughing so loud everyone thought i was having a seizure or something but i am pretty sure that has nothing to do with crack. oh wait.
I can't believe you managed to *convince* me *BRUCE* was the virgin!! Oh my god!! I am scarred for life now~!!! (and I am repressing everything about Guy for the rest of my life!!!) and Supreman!!! oh Gods! i am not sure if I am more laughing, crying or ready to lick the self sacrificing idiot from toe to hairline!(and I am NOT talking about the bleeding Volcano!) and oh oh the SEX!!!! WHYYYYY don't you write more of it???? 6000 words was NOTHING. write a whole LJ worth ! Please! I beg you! Gods I want to *see* that Bruce again! and that Clark and I want to have their babies! ehm. yes. well.

It was a GREAT fic. please write more. somehow. I don't care how implausible it is. just do it. (and the *tenderness*! i never thought Bruce and tenderness would be HOT and you made it SO HOT!!) can you maybe write a sequel with like Clark showing Bruce the art of rimming? or blow jobs? I bet the Bat is going to want to know *everything* now about sex. you know. study it. A LOT! there is *totally* sequel potential here! and don't *ever* let me catch you asking if 6000 words is too much for smut! NEVER! NOT ALLOWED!! NOT WHEN YOU WRITE IT LIKE *THAT*
wonderful fic.
shutting up now.
and going to go re-read everything again. and save on hard drive so i can read it anytime. especially during marketing meetings. Especially on *Monday’s* marketing meetings. lol

...just one question... just *how* exactly did Clark know Bruce was a virgin? *smiles sweetly*
Feb. 24th, 2007 12:03 am (UTC)
hey there! i don't think i've seen you around...

but i noticed you're using an icon that i drew...and didn't credit me on your little icon page.

it's no big deal, but if you could just add on your userpic page that i drew the image, that would rock.

thank you!!!

(bruce and clark forever ^^)
(no subject) - naughty__pixie - Feb. 24th, 2007 08:06 am (UTC) - Expand
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Feb. 23rd, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
and DON'T tell me it was because of elimination. tell me he peaked. regularly. or watched him shower. like, all the time. or something.
Feb. 24th, 2007 12:47 am (UTC)
LOL, nope, just process of elimination. My Supes isn't that big of a snoop, I leave that to the Bat. *grin*
(no subject) - naughty__pixie - Feb. 24th, 2007 10:59 am (UTC) - Expand
Feb. 23rd, 2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
I love your grumpy Superman:
"You people. You're the only team in the universe that could possibly run into a superstitious culture with a volcano and a virginometer. These things never happen to sane superhero teams."
And that is the reason why there should be more JLI fic – why it should still be /published./ Thank you for writing this.

"Sexual activity leads to pleasure, which leads to attachments. To wanting. Which leads to needing."
The League might not know it, but Bruce is a secret Star Wars fan. As a matter of fact, Lucas might think Darth Vader is his creation, but he’s actually an Elseworld Batman.

I have to mention the “But dear sweet God, what those hands were doing to him.”-line, because it creates /so good pictures/. It’s beautifully not-excessive-but-insanely-hot.

Oh, and call me slow, but this fic made me realize that that thing aspiring writers are always told, 'every character should want something, even if it's just a glass of water' should be expanded to how the character deals with the wanting something.

Also: cape porn
Feb. 24th, 2007 12:55 am (UTC)
And that is the reason why there should be more JLI fic – why it should still be /published./ Thank you for writing this.

I agree, there are so many advantages to the JLI time, no the least of which is how very grumpy and self-righteous Superman gets to be around them. That and the sheer goofy crack! :)

As a matter of fact, Lucas might think Darth Vader is his creation, but he’s actually an Elseworld Batman.


And cape porn, yes, thank you! That moment was...unexpected...but delightful as a writer. *grin*
Feb. 23rd, 2007 07:37 pm (UTC)
Oh God!! This was just what I needed today. Loved it!
Feb. 24th, 2007 12:56 am (UTC)
Yay! Happy to oblige and thank you!
Feb. 23rd, 2007 08:02 pm (UTC)
See? Now I'm dead and it is all your fault.

This was awesome.

You captured Bruce and Clark just as well as you always do. They are hilarious and delightful to read in this. I loved their voices, and I especially loved Bruce's little 'you can't tell me what to do' tangent at the end. OMG just TELL each other you are BOTH IN LOVE AHH! It was great.


This fandom has the best plot devices in the history of ever.

The scene at the beginning with all the JLI calling not it when the virgin thing is mentioned had me dying of laughter.

This was just... bwa. I'm losing coherence, so you'll just have to settle with the squeeing and yay.

*HUGSALOT* You RULE. This will be in my head for days if not weeks, and I don't mind at all.
Feb. 24th, 2007 01:07 am (UTC)
I especially loved Bruce's little 'you can't tell me what to do' tangent at the end. OMG just TELL each other you are BOTH IN LOVE AHH!

LOL, I was really frustrated at the end because Clark wasn't going to do anything, so Bruce had to make that connection, and...well, this version of Bruce doesn't have the best social skills around, so he was mostly just standing there and looking awkward and horny. *grin* But then he hit on the great idea of being perverse and contrary, which is always in-character for Bruce, and things worked out.


DC: plot devices galore! Seriously, how do people writing in more realistic contexts manage without random aliens, sex pollen, fear toxin, Kryptonian pon farr, magic lassos...how I pity them. :)

The scene at the beginning with all the JLI calling not it when the virgin thing is mentioned had me dying of laughter.

What a bunch of weirdos. I love them. *grin*
Feb. 23rd, 2007 08:56 pm (UTC)
This was funny and sexy, and omg, I LOVE that Superman stood up to defend Batman's virginity, LMAO. You had me going right up until Superman said, "...They'll figure out that I'm not the virgin in the group after all." And then I was all SHOCKED!FACE, hee. XD

And also, ending it with Batman coming at Superman like they're arguing, and instead talking about how he wants to do it again, it was. Omgyay. :D
Feb. 24th, 2007 01:11 am (UTC)
You had me going right up until Superman said, "...They'll figure out that I'm not the virgin in the group after all." And then I was all SHOCKED!FACE, hee. XD

Yay! I got someone! And you were even there for the chat that inspired it, I believe! *grin*

ending it with Batman coming at Superman like they're arguing, and instead talking about how he wants to do it again

LOL, it was the only way I could get this version of Bruce to initiate a relationship with Clark! He totally was not going to go for a sweet and tender moment of vulnerability at the end. Well, not a conventional one.

Glad you liked it! It was loads of fun to write, LOL. Wayyyyy too much fun.
Feb. 23rd, 2007 08:59 pm (UTC)
LOL! I loved all the hilarious comedy (Guy Gardner and that locker, YAY!) the classic Boostle romance (Ted's back, did you read Manhunter #28 yet?), and of course the delicious smutty porny yumminess of Bruce/Clark. Best crack-filled funny pornfic EVER. Awesome job, Jen. :)
Feb. 24th, 2007 01:15 am (UTC)
Gosh, I hope that really is Ted in Manhunter. I saw the scans and it still seems a bit inconclusive? I'm keeping all my fingers crossed though, especially since I know Michael's back, right? I'm kind of philosophically opposed to bringing back dead characters so quickly, but in the concrete I want them all baaaaack! *grin*

Glad you liked the crackporn! It was waaayyyyy too much fun to write, actually. *grin*
Feb. 23rd, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
Hot damn woman. Oh my god ... OH MY GOD! You write the best smut ever ... BEST SMUT EVER!!! And I can't even call the rest of the fic crack because it's so frickin' good it ... it rises above crack, it does!

Man, between this and ... I think it was etain_anders' SS fic where Bruce gets de-aged? Yeah, I really want to go read JLI now. The atmosphere is just so much fun!

Loved the interactions between all of the JLI members, Boostle being ... Boostle, and Guy Gardner being obnoxious (I can see why Batman decked him now, lol), and Clark being all long-suffering.

And the virginometer! ZOMG brilliant! How do you come up with these things? That was just cracking me up as it swept through the ship ... and the twist with Bruce actually being the virgin was really well played. I really thought that Clark was the virgin (I really could see him waiting for the right person, lol) so when it turned out he was just taking one for the team, I was quite surprised. But that was very ... honorable of him. And the reasoning behind Bruce staying a virgin made perfect sense, too ... if any superhero has the will power to deprive themselves of sex, it's Bruce! World's Greatest Masturbator. *snorts* This was so painful, though:

I believe my relations with Dick and with--" His voice stumbled like fingernails over a raw wound, "--with Jason have proven that even non-sexual attachments are...not my strong suit."

Ohhh ... *wibbles* The metaphor about the fingernails and the raw wound really did a great job of emphasizing how hurt he was just mentioning Jason, and made me reread those lines several times, even though it was such a small part of the fic. You really have a gift for coming up with apt, creative metaphors that just reach out and grab the reader. :)

Mmm ... experienced, in control Clark was so effing hot, though. I think I'm more curious about his past lovers than Bruce was now, lol.

And the sex was just on fire. This was definitely Jen!smut at its best. *grin* I don't know if I can even call it smut, it was so gorgeous and moving and ... the way it went from awkward and almost professional to passionate ... ahhh!!! I officially deem this fic not!crack-smut, lol. The "first time" was just a fantastic angle for this story, with Clark sort of guiding Bruce and Bruce figuring things out. There was just such a strong feeling of the boys exploring each other ... damn damn hot. And you wrote the whole thing with such beautiful descriptions:

Bruce's voice was very dry; Clark could feel it buzzing under his lips, the heartbeat thundering beneath it.

Gorgeous. And this:

Clark stood up; as he did, his cape cascaded slowly across Bruce's cock, causing him to make a frantic noise and clutch it briefly to him with one hand, eyes tightly closed. "Ah, God," he said, his voice thick, "Imagined that so many times...how that would feel..."

CAPE PORN FTW! *brain melts*

Mmm ... and Bruce was fantasizing about Clark all this time ... mmmm ... aaaannnddd ... I have to go! lol, but I'll be back with more comments because there are too many good things in this fic ... they must be mentioned!!!

Feb. 24th, 2007 01:35 am (UTC)
Yeah, I really want to go read JLI now. The atmosphere is just so much fun!

The JLI is so much fun! I've only read some of their old issues, but the tone totally grabbed me. I wasn't sure I'd be able to write it well, though, I have to admit. I'm glad it seemed to work!

The metaphor about the fingernails and the raw wound really did a great job of emphasizing how hurt he was just mentioning Jason, and made me reread those lines several times, even though it was such a small part of the fic.

I had forgotten (even though arch_schatten had reminded me in "Fragments") that the JLI years correspond almost perfectly to the years just after Jason died, when Barbara got disabled...just terrible, terrible years for Bruce. So all the crack existed right next to all that terrible angst. Poor Bruce! And he insisted on reminding me for just a moment there. I was afraid the whole story was going to collapse into woobie at that point, but then Bruce got horny and we got back on track. *whew*

There was just such a strong feeling of the boys exploring each other ...

I really did enjoy writing that, Bruce being game but very tentative, and both of them taking it very slowly...it meant a lot more technical details than I'm usually used to writing, which is why I was feeling particularly un-confident with this one! *blush*

The cape moment really was where everything started to click along with the smut--Bruce, you crazy repressed horny guy! I have a story that's been kicking around in my head for a while in which I see Bruce as obsessively trying to replicate Kryptonian cloth in his lab...for totally non-pervy reasons, of course.

Hmmm, I still kind of want to write it, too. *puts it back on her bunny list*

*hugs* Thanks for the comments, Christine! It really boosts my confidence in this one. :)
(no subject) - taro_twist - Feb. 24th, 2007 05:50 am (UTC) - Expand
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